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Reverend Harrison Ayintete

The Refinery Church International is a Christ-centered ministry whose core mission is to enforce the goodness of God.

Birthed by God’s calling upon our Man of God, Reverend Harrison Ayintete, supported by His wife, Pastor May Ayintete, our ministry focuses on practical applications of God’s word to enforce God’s goodness on every area of life while presenting a deeply scholastic font for the revelation of God as seen in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

With an urbane aura, a great inclination for diversities of expressions via charismatic interventions, financial literacy, art, technology and fashion, we embrace every proficient means of reaching the urban world.

We are the goodness family and we are glad you are checking us out.

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Rap Ministry

Our Reverend, thepreacherrapper, is a music minister who communicates the goodness of God through rap.

Charismatic Ministry

Reverend Harrison Ayintete is dedicated to upholding and demonstrating the Apostolic Charismatic Ministry through Healing, and Impartations.

Our Collection

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